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Natural Chemistry Metal Free 1 Liter

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Protects Against Metal Staining

Metalfree​ is a highly effective metal chelating agent that protects against staining and discoloration from trace metals such as iron and copper. Metalfree​ should be used as part of a well designed pool maintenance program. Metalfree​ does not raise phosphate levels in pool water like many other stain and scale products.

Note:​ This product can be used with most sanitizing systems and is compatible with all pool surfaces. Do not use with biguanides.

Directions for use:

This product is designed for use in properly balanced pool water.

Initial Dose:​ Add 1 bottle (1L) per 75,700 litres to the pool water evenly around edge.

Weekly Maintenance Dose:​ Each week, add 1 capful (120mL) per 38,000 litres to the pool water evenly around edge.

Do not exceed recommended dose.

Note:​ Take caution to not spill or splash Metalfree on deck or coping.

Do not use with biguanides