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Jack's Magic 02 Safe Shock 2lb.

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Jack's Magic 02 Safe Shock - Stain Solution #3 provides pool owners with a chlorine-free shock option perfect for ozone, ionization and biguanide-sanitized pools. Its distinct formula is neither chlorine- nor MPS-based, delivering 12% higher active oxygen levels than other MPS shocks, potent in eliminating bacteria and organic matter from the pool and beneficial before an acid wash. Furthermore, Jack's Magic is an established leader in pool and spa chemical products, ensuring customers purchase with assurance.

  • Formula is neither chlorine nor monopersulfate (MPS) based, so it shocks pools without having to add chlorine
  • Effective at killing off bacteria and other organic compounds from your pool
  • Can even be used as a pre-treatment for acid washing your pool free of copper stains