Hayward In-line Automatic Chemical Feeder - CL100

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The Hayward CL100 In-Line Chlorinator is an essential addition to any pool or spa. Its durable and corrosion-proof design uses large or small Tri-Chlor slow dissolving tablets or sticks to provide up to three weeks of chlorine sanitation. The automatic pump and filter system saves time and reduces manual handling of chemicals, while the adjustable dial control valve allows for customizable chlorine levels. Compatible with 1" or 3" chlorine tablets or sticks.

  • Uses 3" slow dissolving chlorine tablets or sticks.
  • Plumbs directly to filter - 1.5" internal female threads
  • Dial control valve lets you control and adjust the rate of feed.
  • 4.2 lbs tablet capacity
  • Easy-Lok and threaded cover for safe and convenient access to add tablets or sticks
  • External fine control valve for precise feed adjustment
  • Corrosion resistant construction for long lasting life