Waterway Wide Mouth Above Ground Pool Skimmer with Return Fitting (Open Box)

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Waterway Flo-Pro II Wide Mouth Short Throat Above Ground Pool Skimmer 560C3C60L with Return Fitting
  • Permanently attaches to your above ground swimming pool, efficiently sweeping in debris from the surface of the pool water
  • 11-1/2" wide opening allows for larger debris to enter the skimmer and takes in more water for quicker cleaning. with the Pro-Flo skimmer, keep dirt and debris from falling to the pool floor and make cleaning easier and more hassle-free
  • Durable, made with corrosion resistant, high impact two piece ABS construction
  • Large locking basket captures larger surface debris and can be emptied less frequently. Emptying is convenient, allowing you to access the basket from the top or front of the skimmer
  • 1-1/2" FPT (Female Pipe Thread)
  • Included 1-1/2 hose adapter
  • Durable two-piece wide mouth
  • Short throat
  • Deep body, larger locking basket