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Pool Solutions Swimming Pool Total Water Alkalinity Plus Increaser 25LB P36025DE

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Brand: Pool Solutions

Color: Multicolor


  • Includes one 25lb. bucket
  • Raises total alkalinity level to safe range
  • Stabilizes pH balance in pool water
  • Enables chlorine to work more efficiently
  • Stops eye irritation, equipment corrosion, and plaster etching caused by low alkalinity

Details: Maintaining total alkalinity in the ideal range is important for achieving proper water chemistry. Total alkalinity in pool water is the resistance to change for pH. The ideal range for Total Alkalinity is 80-120ppm. Low alkalinity can cause unpleasant eye irritation, unsightly plaster etching, and can even corrode pool equipment, decreasing operation efficiency. High alkalinity can lead to imbalanced pH, leading to higher calcium hardness levels promoting scaling in the water. The consistent

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