FROG Pool Frog Above Ground Mineral Reservoir - 01-12-6112

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Reduce chlorine consumption and side-effects with FROG Pool Frog Above Ground Mineral Reservoir. Its patented design uses natural minerals to kill bacteria and keep your pool clean. Enjoy a healthier, odor-free swimming experience without compromising on cleanliness. Save money with reduced chlorine usage.

  • Pool FROG Model 6100 Mineral Reservoir is prefilled with FROG Sanitizing Minerals for no mess, no guess, no stress so you can say YES to a summer of fun
  • FROG Sanitizing Minerals work together with the Pool FROG Bac Pac (sold separately) to kill bacteria 2 ways – your pool stays Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and is Easier to care for
  • Pool FROG Model 6100 reduces chlorine use up to 50%*. Less chlorine means water is easier on skin, hair, swimsuits and surfaces. FROG Sanitizing Minerals condition water for softness and help keep water balanced by absorbing acids, so water feels more comfortable
  • Pool FROG is a fresh approach to clean, clear water using sanitizing mineral technology with precision performance. Simply set it and forget it