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Natural Chemistry Spa Chlorine 2Ib.

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Natural Chemistry's Spa Chlorine Concentrate​ is specifically designed for spas to help control bacteria and algae in spa water.


When used as directed, this product is effective as a spa and hot tub water disinfecting agent.

Ensure all spa and hot tub equipment is working properly. Backwash/clean the filter system following the manufacturer's directions. Adjust pH to between 7.2-7.6. When using other products as outlined in the directions for this product, always follow directions on those products.

Maintenance Dose:​ With the pump on, add 1/2 teaspoon of this product per 100 gallons of water (or 5 teaspoons per 1,000 gallons) as an initial treatment. Repeat at 15 to 20-minute intervals until a residual of 3-5 ppm of available chlorine is established as determined by the test kit. A test kit must be used regularly to determine the frequency of additional doses of this product needed to maintain the chlorine residual of 3-5 ppm.

Superchlorination:​ Use one teaspoon of this product per 100 gallons of water (or 1/4 cup per 1,000 gallons). Superchlorination may be needed on a nightly basis in a heavily used spa or as infrequently as once a week in a moderately used spa.