Hayward Off-Line Chemical Feeder 9 lbs Capacity - CL220

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The Hayward CL220 Off-line Automatic Chemical Feeder is an efficient and professional way to sanitize your pool or spa. Its 9 lb. Capacity can provide enough chlorine for up to three weeks of sanitation. The easy-to-use dial control valve and corrosion-proof design make it a convenient choice for any pool or spa.

  • Off-Line Chlorinator for above-ground and in-ground pools and spas
  • Chemical Feeder that will automatically release chemicals so you don't have to
  • Uses large or small, slow dissolving, Trichlor or Bromine tablets or sticks
  • Dial control valve allows for simple feed rate adjustment
  • Simple installation when replacing existing chlorinator or brominator
  • Easy-Lok threaded cover for safe and convenient access to add tablets or sticks
  • Unique finger-release catch provides extra security
  • Works on newly constructed or already existing pools and spas