Hayward Auto Skim Wide Track Wall Skimmer - SP10851OM

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Manufactured to Hayward’s uncompromising standards, these large capacity skimmers for vinyl and fiberglass applications install easily and perform flawlessly even in the most difficult environments. The bodies are molded out of durable ABS plastic and do not contain any assembly seams below water level. They feature a standard square or round cover and collar assembly allowing up to 1.5" vertical adjustment. Additional extension collar accessories are available to meet needs for all applications., The Auto-Skim Wide Track Series includes all of the same high quality features in addition to an expansive 15.5" skimmer face and a choice of two throat lengths. The enlarged opening and added installation flexibility allows for increased skimming action and reduced time for debris removal., Add optional float valve and equalizer kit with an NSF approved cover to any Auto-Skim model with a square cover to accommodate commercial requirements.