FROG Serene Bromine Cartridge

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This FROG Bromine Cartridge works only with FROG Sanitizing Minerals, together, they create Fresh Mineral Water in your hot tub – simply ahhmazing hot tub water; FROG Serene Floating Sanitizing System uses up to 50% less bromine*; it kills bacteria 2 ways with FROG Sanitizing Minerals and a low level of bromine. Less bromine means water is Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier to take care of. FROG Sanitizing Minerals kill bacteria, condition the water for softness, help keep pH balanced and absorb acids, water is much more comfortable.

FROG Serene is a complete hot tub sanitizing system and the only one that creates Fresh Mineral Water in your hot tub. The FROG Serene Bromine Cartridge lasts up to 4 weeks, depending on hot tub size and use, one Bromine Cartridge is ideal for a 600 gallon hot tub. The FROG Serene system delivers the serene feeling you’re longing for. *Compared to the minimum ANSI recommended bromine level of 2.0 ppm. for a hot tub.