SeaKlear Natural Metal Stain Remover 2lb.

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Easily remove unsightly metal stains from your pool with SeaKlear Natural Metal Stain Remover. This granular formula is specifically designed to target iron, copper, and manganese stains, leaving your pool sparkling clean. For ongoing maintenance and prevention, pair with SeaKlear Metal Klear or Stain Prevention & Remover. Keep your pool crystal clear with SeaKlear Chitosan Clarifier.


  1. Adjust Total Alkalinity to 70 ppm.
  2. Adjust Calcium Hardness to 400 ppm.
  3. Circulate Pool for 2 hours.
  4. Adjust pH to 7.4.
  5. Circulate pool for 1 hour, then turn pump off.
  6. Allow pool to become completely still.
  7. Sprinkle product into pool over main spotted areas. Use 1 lb. for every 10,000 gallons.
  8. Let sit for 1 hour, and then turn pump on.