SeaKlear Metal Stain Remover, 2lb Container

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Brand: SeaKlear


  • Made in the United States
  • All metal stain removers
  • Works on all surfaces including vinyl and fiberglass
  • Removes metal and organic stains
  • All metal, citric acid stain treatment solution
  • Can be used in vinyl and fiberglass pools
  • Effectively removes tannin, organic, copper, iron and manganese stains from pool surfaces
  • Phosphate-free formula
  • Before using stain treatment solution, make sure the pool is properly balanced

Details: Seaklear Metal Stain Remover, 2lb Bag. Natural Stain Remover is a natural alternative to stain removal, without sacrificing performance and ease-of-use. It effectively removes most stain-causing metals, without harsh synthetic chemicals.