SeaKlear Chitosan Spa Clarifier 32oz.

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SeaKlear pioneered the use of chitosan in pool and spa water clarification over 30 years ago. The original Chitosan Clarifier for Spas uses high-quality chitosan to deliver superior water clarity. It contains recycled shells from the seafood industry that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. This tried-and-true technology doesn't interfere with the performance of other spa products. It even works with high sanitizer levels and can be used at the same time as shocking your spa. Chitosan Clarifier for Spas works to improve filter performance while keeping spa water clean, crystal clear and sparkling.

This is the product that started it all. Our flagship clarifier is made from recycled crab shells, making it a reliable, environmentally friendly solution for cloudy water problems.


Standard Dosage:​ Use 1 fl. oz. of Chitosan Clarifier for Spas for each 500 gal. of spa or hot tub water. No premixing required.

Cloudy Water Dosage: For especially dirty or cloudy water, double or triple the standard dosage.

Weekly Maintenance: To keep spa water clear, use Chitosan Clarifier for Spas once a week at the standard dosage. For spas that get heavy use or for commercial spas, Chitosan Clarifier for Spas may be used twice weekly at double or triple dosage.

  1. Make sure filter is clean and all equipment is working properly.
  2. Squirt the calculated amount of Chitosan Clarifier for Spas into spa with filter running and jets on high. Run filter system continuously for at least one hour after application.