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Natural Chemistry 3 Liter Pool PhosFree

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Most effective way to remove phosphates

Reducing phosphate levels in pools is easy with Natural Chemistry's patented Phosfree​ technology. Phosfree​ is formulated from lanthanum (rare earth) compounds. When added to the skimmer, a thin coating of Phosfree​ forms on the filter media. As pool water flows through the filter, phosphates are reduced to a very low level.

Directions for use:

This product is designed for use in properly balanced pool water.

  • Clean or backwash filter.
  • Determine appropriate dose. 
  • Shake bottle well prior to application. With circulation pump running, add dose to skimmer.
  • Run filter for 48 hours continuously without backwashing or cleaning.
  • After 48 hours of filtering, clean/backwash filter. Retest phosphate levels, and if necessary, repeat steps 1-5.