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Reducing phosphate levels in pools is easy with Natural Chemistry's patented Phosfree​ technology. Phosfree​ is formulated from lanthanum (rare earth) compounds. When added to the skimmer, a thin coating of Phosfree​ forms on the filter media. As pool water flows through the filter, phosphates are reduced to a very low level.


  1. Clean or backwash filter.
  2. Determine the appropriate dose. * See chart below.
  3. Shake the bottle well before application. With the circulation pump running, add a dose to the skimmer.
  4. Run the filter for 48 hours continuously without backwashing or cleaning.
  5. After 48 hours of filtering, clean/backwash filter. Retest phosphate levels, and if necessary, repeat steps 1-5.

Dose per 10,000 gallons (38,000L)

 Phosphate Level       PHOSfree Dosage

300ppb or less           0.5L or 16oz.

600ppb                      1L or 32oz.

900ppb                      1.5L or 48oz.

1200ppb                    2L or 67.6oz.