Swimline 9162 Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game

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Size:1 Pack

Product Description

The Swimline floating pool basketball hoop is lightweight and portable, and the best part is that it presents a real challenge to players. Without a backboard or an anchor, players have to plan their shots ahead of time; It's always fun to play and to watch. Made from heavy duty PVC for maximum strength and durability, It features fluted tubing and a durable net, which means you'll have a blast with this floating basketball hoop all season long. This floating pool basketball hoop will make a perfect addition to the pool or lake!

From the Manufacturer

Swimline Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game

  • Floating basketball goal designed for fun in the pool or lake
  • Includes 1 Basketball
  • Designed to be lightweight and portable
  • Pvc tubing ensures strength and durability
  • Comes with a heavy-duty net