New 12 Pack SPA FROG Swimming Pool Floating System Bromine Replacement Cartridge

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The built in SPA FROG In-Line System takes the thinking out of spa care with easy to set and replace cartridges. No measuring, no mess and no work for weeks at a time. The minerals destroy bacteria and help keep the pH in a safe range with less monitoring. A low 1.0 bromine level (50% less than most spas) finishes the job for a clean, clear spa ready to enjoy when you are. With minerals reducing bromine use, your spa will look crystal clear and feel silky soft. And all you have to do is set the cartridges. The mineral cartridge is maximized at setting #6. The bromine cartridge setting will vary and is easily adjustable to accommodate the spa size, circulation time and number of people relaxing each day. Every spa is different but all can benefit from the SPA FROG experience. 1 Buy = 12 Cartridges

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