NAVA Pool Care 3” Chlorinating Tablets - 10 lb

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Brand: NAVA


  • 10 pound bucket of individually wrapped, concentrated 3 inch chlorinating tablets
  • Sanitzes, clarifies, and protects against algae
  • Slow dissolve, resulting in a longer lasting product
  • For use in automatic feeders, floaters, and skimmers
  • For use in all pool types; above ground, in-ground, indoor, outdoor, plater, vinyl, fiberglass

Details: Trichlor (Trichloroisocyanuric acid) is the strongest compressed chlorine and provides 90-percent available chlorine. Great for a prolonged and steady feed of chlorine to maintain a chlorine residual. Trichlor is stabilized to protect the chlorine from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This prolongs the life of the chlorine and gives you a healthy swimming environment and cost you less to maintain the proper chlorine residual. 1-inch tablets expose more surface area per pound than 3-inch tabs or sticks for the fastest dissolution rate. Trichlor has a lower pH than many forms of chlorine and may reduce the amount of acid used.

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