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Hach Company Aqua Check Shock Swimming Pool Test Strips - 10 Count

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Brand: Hach Company


  • Bottle of 10 test strips
  • Tests for Total and Free Chlorine
  • Test strips will indicate when it is time to shock your pool
  • Easy to use strips help maintain safe swimming water
  • Helps save money by shocking only when needed

Details: Aquachek definitely subscribes to the keep it simple method with their Shockcheck Test Strip two-color system. Its easy: dip the strip, wait a couple of seconds, if it turns purple no need to shock, if it turns white you need to shock your pool or spa. By measuring the waters total and free chlorine you will help prevent the growth of bacteria and maintain healthy water levels.We recommend checking your chlorine levels at least once a week and with ten strips per package Aquacheck provides you

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