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GLB Pool and Spa Products 71414 1-Pound Oxy-Brite Pool Water Shock

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Product Description

GLB Oxy-Brite is a non-chlorine shock producing crystal clear water, shock treating all in one easy step. This powerful shock rids pool water of contaminants that cause odor and irritation and its unique blue water brightening crystals produce clearer water. Made with 42% Potassium Peroxymonopersulfate. Available and packaged in 1-lb. bags.

From the Manufacturer

A non-chlorine shock oxidizer that creates sparkling water and oxidizes contaminants all in one step. The powerful formula rids pool water of contaminants that cause odor and irritation, and brightens and clears the water with unique blue water brightening crystals. Oxy-Brite, made with DuPont Oxone, is a potassium monopersulfate-based shock oxidizer. It oxidizes like chlorine, but actually reactivates a small amount of spent chlorine and won't deplete the chlorine residual. Used weekly, Oxy-Brite will continually oxidize contaminants thus requiring less sanitizer throughout the week to maintain clean water.

  • Non-Chlorine
  • Pool Shock Oxidizer
  • Makes water Crystal Clear
  • Lowers Irritation
  • For more than 30 years, oxy-brite has offered a non-chlorine alternative for shock oxidizing pool water
  • In addition to its effective shock oxidation treatment, oxy-brite includes unique blue water brightening crystals that polish the water
  • Swim immediately after treatment; restores sparkle to cloudy water