GLB Natural Clear Water Cleaner (1 gal)

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Brand: GLB


  • Initial Dosage: Add 16-Ounce per 10,000-Gallon of pool water each day until scum lines are removed.
  • Maintenance Dosage (weekly): To prevent oils, lotions and other organics from accumulating on walls or in the water, add 8-Ounce per 10,000-Gallon.
  • Increases filter life span by eliminating scum and oily buildup. Includes a built-in measuring cap.
  • Compatible with Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.

Details: Product Description GLB Pool & Spa Products 71412 1-Gallon Natural Clear Pool Water Cleaner From the Manufacturer A natural, biodegradable water cleaner with its new, more concentrated enzyme formula rids pools of organics that cause odors, scum lines, filter clogging and cloudy water faster than ever before! Powerful enzyme formula removes oily contaminants that cause scum lines. Eliminates and prevents odors. Stable at high sanitizer levels (up to 10 ppm chlorine or bromine). Protects filters from oily buildup and clogging