Camco 30054 Pool Antifreeze Concentrate, 1-Quart

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Brand: Camco


  • One bottle can be diluted to your desired strength
  • Designed for use with swimming pool plumbing systems
  • Safe for copper, brass and all types of plastic except acetate
  • Burst protection between -100F to 0F when diluted as directed.
  • GRAS, non-toxic, non-hazardous, 100% biodegradable, safe with pets and kids

Details: Camco’s Swimming Pool Concentrated Antifreeze provides all the strength and protection of regular antifreeze, but with the ability to dilute to your desired burst protection. Simply dilute the concentrate with water and use it to winterize your pool's plumbing system the way you would regular antifreeze. Its non-toxic, non-hazardous formula is safe around pets and kids and it’s even 100% biodegradable. When diluted at the standard 1-qt antifreeze to 3-qt water ratio, the Swimming Pool Concentrated Antifreeze creates one gallon of antifreeze and provides burst protection down to -40 F. Antifreeze is safe with copper, brass and plastic plumbing (except acetate). Follow directions on the packaging, as well as your swimming pool's plumbing instructions for best winterizing practices.

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