BALECO INTERNATIONAL INC. Pool Solutions P32012De Pool Water pH Decreaser pH Minus 12 Pounds

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Our Water Balancer pH REDUCER doesn't have caustic fumes and is powder-based, so there's less chance of a hazardous spill compared to liquid pH reducers. It's important to achieve and maintain pH levels between 7.4 to 7.8 on the pH scale. Foreign contaminants such as non-living organics contaminants, tanning, and natural body oils, and detergent and cosmetics can throw your water chemistry off-balance and Water Balancer pH REDUCER can help. High pH levels can encourage algae and bacteria growth

  • Includes one 10 lb. bucket
  • For use in swimming pools
  • Lowers pH to ideal levels
  • Lowers Alkalinity to ideal levels
  • Boosts chlorine’s ability to fight bacteria and algae