Azure 681131022 Super Clarifier - Quart

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Brand: AZURE


Azure 681131022 Super Clarifier Quart. Cloudy water can be caused by bacteria, poor water balance, algae, or fine particles of impurities. Azure Super Clarifier is a very low molecular weight, cationic flocculent that will combine tiny particles of dirt, dead algae and color into masses large enough for the filter to trap. Simple to apply and safe to handle, Azure Super Clarifier works well over a wide pH range and will not affect pool pH as does alum or alkali. Not affected by chlorine or bromine. Directions:The dosage of Azure Super Clarifier required depends on the amount of dirt, color, or particles present. Initially add 4oz of Azure Super Clarifier for every 20,000 gallons of pool volume. Just mix proper amount with 2-4 gallons of water, then distribute evenly around pool perimeter. Continue filter operation during full treatment period. If after 24 hours noticeable color or turbidity exists, a second treatment is recommended. Under normal conditions and following above recommendations, pool use can be resumed 2 hours after Azure Super Clarifier addition. Periodic treatment will keep pool water sparkling clear.

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